Tuesday, August 6, 2013

About sushi


ここではEDOMAE NIGIRIをお願いすることが多いです。こちらはシェフのおまかせ握り9貫が寿司下駄に盛られてサーブされます。


I really love sushi.

I went to Taro Sushi in Brooklyn yesterday.
I love to have a seat on the counter at a sushi restaurant. So I did so there and started to enjoy cold beer and some fresh appetizers.

When I visit here, I usually order EDOMAE NIGIRI which is 9pcs chef's choice sushi on the special plate for sushi (we call this as 'sushi geta').
I'd like to say sushi makes people absolutely happy!
Sushi on the sushi geta plate looks so gorgeous and taste is fantastic.
When sushi is served for me on my table, my eyes or brain's camera shutter is released automatically and the scene is memorized on my brain as my memory like a picture. Well, this is one of my wonderful secret special skills as a mutant.
Sushi is FABULOUS.

By the way, do you think your lips look sexier than usually a day after you ate sushi? I feel my lips are sexier then always. I enjoy the day with sexy lips after I ate sushi.  This is also an additional great point to eat sushi, I guess.

Taro Sushi: tarosushibrooklyn.com

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