Saturday, July 27, 2013

My sister

My sister visited me from Japan. It was her vacation. We ate a lot, we visited hot spots a lot, we did summer things a lot and we chatted. She is an asset of my life.


And we love dogs. We took pictures when we saw them every time.


Also thanks to my friends who hung out with us! and sorry to my friends who we couldn't hang out with! Next time! She wanted to meet you.



My sister, her name is Emiko, I feel she is like air for me, how to say... I don't care about anything for her even we are together and it's normal thing for us but after she left, I miss her so much. She walks slow, she's zoning out all the time, she is not a foodie however she is nice girl! She is one of my assets in my life. I'm lucky to have a sister like her.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Egg saver Purvesh

I had 4 dozes eggs accidentally and I needed to use them during they are fresh. I wrote down about it on my facebook. Then my hero Puru helped exactly what I wanted a day after I got eggs. He's a professional experienced chef. He made a huge Spanish omelette and devil's eggs as appetizer. Even though I didn't enough vegetables, ingredients, kitchen stuff and A/C too, he cooked them very quickly and deliciously! He's my hero. There is no eggs in my fridge and also no those plates here anymore because we ate immediately with our friends before I invite you this feast.
Anyway thanks Puru!!! You're awesome! xo

Those shaken drunken photos were taken by a drunken who is Nao.