Friday, November 25, 2011

My thanksgiving day 2011

My thanksgiving day 2011.

First, I went to see the macy's thanksgiving parade in manhattan.

Turkey hat!

Kids on the telephone boxes.

Everybody loves the parade!

Balloons of parade are very tall so signs were take off temporary.

Then Thanksgiving Feast started in Brooklyn.

Appetizer. Yum and so cute.


Soup of cauliflower.

Gratin, Roasted brussels sprouts, Cranberry jam, Mashed potatoes, Corn bread and Roasted chicken with gravy sause.

And wines.

Then next party.

A lot of foods there.
Another photo is here.

My Thanksgiving day was so happy. Thank you very much ! : Kayt, Nick, Puru Mr. & Mrs. Kato and FOODS!

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