Tuesday, August 10, 2010

couples and fireworks

At The Central Park.

Many many people were there to listen to an outside concert.
After the concert, fireworks appeared.
A nice night.


Catita said...

Miss New York so badly! You are lucky to be living there and enjoying the summer!

Naoko Takagi said...

Hi Catita!

Thank you for visiting my blog.
NYC is so exciting, especially summer!

libys11 said...

awww wonderful night indeed!! :D

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Krystal said...

that is a great pic!

Naoko Takagi said...

Nice to meet you libys11!
Thanx Krystal!

NYC in summer is awesome!

Mystery Bruises said...

what a beautiful sight! i love this photo!

Naoko Takagi said...

Hi Mystery Bruises!

Thank you for visiting my blog.
I love Central Park!